ODE Fine Foods was created in praise of the Greek land and dedicated to all those who are looking to include its amazingly beneficial products in their diet.

Our vision is to create a pioneering company that will produce high quality innovative products of oil, honey and herbal remedies.

Every day we try to produce high quality products that include the best tasting experience. We place great emphasis on global design trends and new achievements in cultural donation and enrich our experience on a daily basis by ensuring that our final products are exactly as we have imagined and make our clients happy.



Our Brand.

ODE (from Ancient Greek: ᾠδή ōdḗ) is a type of lyrical stanza which was originally performed with musical accompaniment and celebrated the people, the nature and the ideas of the time. We named our products ODE as a true and honest reflection of our country’s enviable culinary heritage and our own personal obsession with quality. Their visual identity followed suit, with a logo inspired by the irregular odes sang in ancient greece and a packaging that makes them resemble fine works of art.

The design of our ODE Golden and Limited range pays homage to the one thing that all art has in common: the frame. The containers are painted leaving a “see through” window that enhances and defines the product without overpowering it. Just like a great frame made for a great work of art.

The ODE premium range boasts an earthier feel, taking inspiration from the symmetry found everywhere in nature – and one of the most prevalent themes in art for cultures all over the world and throughout human history.



Mr. Petritsis from the avenue of multinational companies to the path of olive oil.

With a childhood passion and a love for mother earth, Mr. Petritsis leaves his aspiring career in the sector of health, to pursue a new path for success – Olive Oil.
He was fortunate that his family owned their fair share of estates and was provided the opportunity to grow up in this environment. From a tender age, the love and care for Mother Nature was as familiar to him as his books and school.
By the time he was ready for college, Mr. Petritsis already had in cultivation over 500 olive trees under his care.
The creation of ODE is the distillation of its DNA – the perfect combination of a childhood passion and the over 25 years’ experience in the field of health.
Mr. Petritsis was born and raised in a small village of Kefallonia and moved to Athens at the age of 18 to study chemical engineering.

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

Ben Sweetland, American writer

Pablo Neruda
Ode to Olive Oil

1 Near the murmuring
2 In the grain fields, of the waves
3 Of wind in the oat-stalks
4 The olive tree
5 With its silver-covered mass
6 Severe in its lines
7 In its twisted
8 Heart in the earth:
9 The graceful
10 Olives
11 Polished
12 By the hands
13 Which made
14 The dove
15 And the oceanic
16 Snail:
17 Green,
18 Inumerable,
19 Immaculate
20 Nipples
21 Of nature
22 And there
23 In

24 The dry
25 Olive Groves
26 Where
27 Alone
28 The blue sky with cicadas
29 And the hard earth
30 Exis
31 There
32 The prodigy
33 The perfect
34 Capsules
35 Of the olives
36 Filling
37 With their constellations, the foliage
38 Then later,
39 The bowls,
40 The miracle,
41 The olive oil.
42 I love
43 The homelands of olive oil
44 The olive groves
45 Of Chacabuco, in Chile

46 In the morning
47 Feathers of platinum
48 Forests of them
49 Against the wrinkled
50 Mountain ranges.
51 In Anacapri, up above,
52 Over the light of the Italian sea
53 Is the despair of olive trees
54 And on the map of Europe
55 Spain
56 A black basketfull of olives
57 Dusted off by orange blossoms
58 As if by a sea breeze
59 Olive oil,
60 The internal supreme
61 Condition for the cooking pot
62 Pedestal for game birds
63 Heavenly key to mayonaise
64 Smoothe and tasty
65 Over the lettuce
66 And supernatural in the hell
67 Of the king mackerals like archbishops

68 Our chorus
69 With
70 Intimate
71 Powerful smoothness
72 You sing:
73 You are the Spanish
74 Laguage
75 There are syllables of olive oil
76 There are words
77 Useful and rich-smelling
78 Like your fragrant material
79 It’s not only wine that sings
80 Olive oil sings too
81 It lives in us with its ripe light
82 And among the good things of the earth
83 I set apart
84 Olive oil,
85 Your ever-flowing peace, your green essence
86 Your heaped-up treasure which descends
87 In streams from the olive tree.